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30 June 2008 @ 09:07 am
This weekend Adam and I went down to ComicCon in Chicago with Jeff & Suzie. I'll write more about the awesomeness of the weekend in my other blog later today; I just wanted to take a moment to post about a different sort of awesomeness that I've got going on right now.

I'm not flaring!

Yes, I'm surprised by this. It was a very busy and physically stressful weekend.

Friday night - rode 1.5 hours to Jeff & Suzie's. Slept on an air mattress. Woke up a bit stiff, but overall okay.

Saturday morning - rode 1.5 hours to Chicago.
Saturday - spent 9 hours walking around the convention floor; on my feet pretty much the whole time, carrying a bag over my shoulders. I was sore by that night, but okay. Wine with dinner that night.
Saturday night - slept in a hotel bed.

Sunday morning - back to the con for another 4 hours.
Sunday afternoon - rode 1.5 hours to Milwaukee; stopped on the way for fast food (something that would normally upset my stomach).
Sunday early evening - rode 1.5 hours to Madison.
Sunday evening - relaxed at home and watched TV with Adam, drank more wine, and probably not nearly enough water

Monday morning - after 8 hours of sleep, I'm feeling good. Neck and shoulders are sore, left knee aches a little bit...but NO FLARE. There's a HUGE difference between being sore and flaring, and I'm just sore. Sore can be stretched out and/or massaged, it can be rehydrated, and it can be reduced with ibuprofen. Sore can be managed. Very little helps a flare.

I don't mind sore.

I'll be drinking lots and lots of water today to get rehydrated (didn't drink nearly enough over the weekend), and stretching as often as possible to work out the kinks. I anticipate feeling better tomorrow already.

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10 June 2008 @ 04:58 pm
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10 June 2008 @ 04:20 pm
Since completing the cleanse, I've been somewhat lax in following dietary restrictions. I kinda needed the break, partially because I was burnt out from constantly searching for and trying new recipes, and partially because I missed red meat and cheese and all sorts of other tasty treats. AND it was my birthday week.

But it's time to get back on the bandwagon, which means time to start tracking my daily food intake and making sure that I'm eating lots of good stuff and avoiding the bad stuff.

The biggest changes to my diet:

*Avoid processed wheat and sugars.
-Natural sugars from fruits and juices are okay in moderation, but no more "treats."
-Start making my own bread products (including pie crusts, pizza dough, tortillas, buns, etc) so that I know exactly what goes in them.

*Avoid soy
-This is a definite tummy upsetter. The occasional bit of soy sauce doesn't seem to bother me (I felt just fine after Sushi on Wednesday night), but soy milk and such definitely do.
-Learn how to make my own veggie burgers. I LOVE all sorts of different veggie burgers, and I really should keep up with the whole eat-lots-of-lentils habit that I developed while on the cleanse, but pretty much everything you get in the store has soy.

*Organic dairy subs in as much as possible
-Which means eating only farmer's market cheeses (and less cheese in general, much to my dismay), and likely giving up yogurt. I just don't much care for the organic yogurts that I've tried... The only exception will be the occasional scoop of custard.

*Watch the booze intake!
-I drank way too much last week. Beer on Tuesday, wine and saki on Wednesday, beer on Friday, and more beer & other malt beverages & hard booze on Saturday. Sunday...I felt kinda crummy. Again - it was my birthday week. So yeah... But I only get that excuse once/year. Which means that weeknight drinking is only okay as wine-with-dinner once/week, and only drink on weekends when I have a reason to. Having 3 drinks on a Friday night while sitting at home just for the hell of it is silly. I don't need to put those toxins in to my body, and I definitely don't need the empty calories.

Our CSA share starts this week. I'm excited about seeing what's in the first box! The rain last week may have messed things up a bit...but I'm not too worried. It'll be fun to see what we get, and plan dinners accordingly. I have a few websites that I've bookmarked that are designed to help seasonal cooks discover different ways to cook the veggies that they get from their local farms. ^_^

Overall, I'm definitely feeling better post-cleanse. Adam and I are still hitting the gym 3x/week, and although I'm losing weight at a very slow rate (metabolism is still complete sh*t, apparently), it's happening. My BPM while working out is down from a high of 182 while pushing myself to 160 while engaging in strenuous activity, so yay!

Oh, and I'll be making an effort to post daily food stuff here again to keep track of what recipes I use and whether or not we liked them. I need to find some healthy easy staples so that we don't keep getting pizza or running to Cousin's whenever I don't feel like cooking whatever complex dish I had planned out. I'll use tags to keep thse sorted.

Side note: sf=soy free, df=dairy free, gf=gluten free
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29 May 2008 @ 07:48 am
Woke up this morning feeling pretty good. A little bit achey, but overall, pretty good.

After being up for a little over 2 hours now, all I can say is, OW.

Went to the chiro, so hopefully that will help. Also took some painkillers. The worst of the pain is concentrated in my legs and low back - feels like fibro flare pain. Not sure if this is the result of yesterday's massage loosening up toxins (drank at least 24oz of water afterwards, but maybe that wasn't enough?) or if it's because it's supposed to rain all afternoon and evening today. Either way, it sucks.

On the upside, I know that the leg aches aren't triggered by gluten or dairy, lol.

Just wish I didn't have to deal with them...

Feeling very tired right now, and a bit crabby. Not depressed, though. So that's good.

Leaving for work in 10 minutes. Hopefully the painkillers kick in and get the leg aches under control. Otherwise, it's going to be a very long day indeed.
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27 May 2008 @ 04:01 pm
Busy weekend!

I've started adding a few foods back in. Corn was first. No problems there. That makes me happy. Soy was next. Had myself 3 servings in one day. Stomach was upset the following day. I'm not 100% positive, but I believe that soy might be minor trigger for me. Which means that I don't have to worry about it being used in the occasional recipe, but I should stick with Rice milk vs. Soy milk and skip the tofu dishes in the future.

Later this week I've gotta check eggs again (not sure if the nausea & cramping was from the eggs or if it was left over from my week-long-super-annoying period). And I need to reintroduce milk. Slowly.

This weekend Adam and I are going up north for a wedding, and I want to be able to eat while we were up there, so I'm trying to re-introduce as much as possible without messing up my poor body. The plan is to have everything back in except for gluten. I now know that soy is a minor trigger, and I know from experience that dairy (lactose) is a moderate one, so I have a good idea of how to proced from here.

Tired today. Got sunburned over the weekend. So I'm blaming that. Drinking plenty of water. Peeing bring yellow still after drinking a full liter. Color's more subtle after 2 liters. Not sure if I'm dumping a lot of toxins right now, or if the color is the result of the SAM-e that's been added in.

Dinner tonight is...umm...I dunno, lol. I actually don't. I'm going to the grocery store after work, and then home...and don't know what I'll be making for dinner. I'm kinda run down, so tonight would be an ideal pizza night if I could have pizza. I do have (gluten-free) pasta though, so maybe I'll make that up. Could be yummy.
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23 May 2008 @ 03:06 pm
Feeling somewhat better today.

Yesterday was pure misery. Day 3 had become the new day 2. I was exhausted, in pain, crabby, and overall miserable pretty much all day long.

By comparison, today is fantastic.

Standing alone, it's okay.

Attempted to work out this morning - failed. Woke up feeling pretty good, mild cramps & a little dizziness, but nothing too terrible. Figured that I had no excuse to skip, so I went. Pushed myself too hard, apparently. Aerobic exercise after losing blood is not a good idea for me. Almost blacked out on the elliptical. Took what seemed like forever to get my heart rate to slow.

A nice hot shower perked me back up, though. Neck, shoulders, and back are sore from the mishap this morning, and I still have minor cramps, but the fatigue has backed off considerably.

Dinner tonight is tandoori shrimp.

Plans for tomorrow include an early morning trip to the farmer's market. I want to pick up a few plants, and don't want to be fighting through the crowds to see what my options are. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so I'm hoping that we'll choose something to do outside - zoo, park, arboretum walk, wandering state st, etc. Plenty of choices.
21 May 2008 @ 12:58 pm
Day 2 of my period. Woke up this morning with horrid cramps, so I skipped the gym. Spent the hour instead focusing on making my banana & ibuprofen stay down and sipping water. Managed to get the cramps under control. 7 hours later, they're still under control. Huzzah!

Ibuprofen taken today so far - 1200mg. Will be taking another 400mg at 2:30pm, and another 400 with dinner. As much as I hate relying on drugs, if I stop the flow the cramps come back and are impossible to get back under control again. BUT they're relatively easy to maintain right now, and the nausea from this morning hasn't returned; so I'm not gonna whine about it too much. This is still a great improvement from pre-cleanse cramping.

Mentally - Feeling periodic bouts of tiredness, but overall doing pretty well. Not experiencing the overwhelming fatigue that usually accompanies my period. Still having issues focusing sometimes, but again, could be the tedium of my work.

Emotionally - Doing quite well, actually! No crying spurts or temper tantrums. The hormones aren't affecting me as much as they normally do. Still may be a bit more short tempered than usual...but again, great improvement over pre-cleanse.


Breakfast - banana when I first got up, followed by UltraClear and Metagreens and then a pear before leaving for work.

Lunch - valencia orange, 1/3 of an english cucumber, 1/2 cup roasted veggies with 1/2 cup white rice.

Dinner - leftovers since it's Wednesday. Likely leftover twice-baked potatoes (with spinach & mushrooms & garlic).

Recipes for Thursday and Friday (not sure of the order yet) include Collard Greens & Bean soup and Shrimp Tandoori with basmati rice & lentils. Both will generate leftovers for weekend lunches.

And this weekend I can start eating chicken again! I plan on picking up some breasts from somewhere (Millers actually had organic fed free range chicken for a really good price at one point...am wondering if they still carry that and if so for how much) as well as a whole roasting chicken from the farmer's market. Am also thinking of checking the pasta vendor's stand to see if he has any gluten free pasta that does not have soy or sugar. It would be nice to have pasta next week.

So very soon I will be back to eating everything on my allowed foods list. This makes me happy.

I'm starting to determine which foods I will introduce when. I'm thinking soy first, since I do not believe that I have any sort of intollerance to that. This means that I make super yummy spring rolls and actually have soy sauce with them. YAY! The most likely culprits for me are dairy (of which I am already aware) and gluten (which may be less of a problem with gluten and more of a problem with processed wheat, which we are doing away with in general).

Overall, things are definitely looking up.
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20 May 2008 @ 12:39 pm
Not much to say that I didn't already post in my other LJ, but I'll repeat the most important stuff.

*Cycle's out of wack. Ring is scheduled to come out on Saturday (24th) and period should start on Sunday or Monday, but I started spotting already this Sunday and it got worse on Monday...so the ring came out early. Cost went WAY up on the new insurance, so I'll be trying oral b/c again starting on Sunday (new prescription from the new doctor).

*Feeling MUCH better today than yesterday. Woke up tired & sore, but improved as I moved around. Still tired, missing caffeine, but not nearly so achey as yesterday or over the weekend. Feeling very upbeat and positive, as well. Doctor's appointment helped with that, but I'm guessing that the toxins being cleared out was also a bit help.

*Doctor's appointment was AWESOME. Loving the new doc. He knows a ton about everything that I need my PCP to know about. Took blood to do a hormone count to check thyroid - agreed that even though the TSH is normal, thyroid could still be having issues. Also running tests to make sure that I'm not deficient in the main vitamins.

*Doc suggested SAM-e for moodiness and joint pain. Bought 6 months worth online today, for $17/pack (retails for between $30 & $50, for that brand). Comes with free b-complex, since apparently you need to bulk up on B's if you take SAM-e. So that means that I should be set for 6+ months for B's as well (have at least 2 months worth at home already).

*Resubmitting my cleansing supplements claim to the flex with additional info. Would be nice to get that back. Dad gave me $200 for the first bottle of UltraClear, Advaclear, and the Metagreens; however I just spent another $80 (that I didn't really have available to spend) on an additional bottle of UltraClear. The reimbursement of $232 would cover the SAM-e, recent UltraClear, and last supplements order that I put in. And I'll be set for all of my supplements at least through August. (Healthy living is worth every penny, but I wish it didn't require so many pennies!)

*Mentally I'm pretty with it today. No major brain farts as of yet. Making fewer typing errors than I was last week. Able to handle phone coversations and quick responses better as well. Still having issues with focusing - feeling sleepy when doing repetitive work. But is that the fibro, or just the repetiveness of my job some days?

*Emotionally, as mentioned above, I am much more stable. The SAM-e should help with future mood swings. Am wondering if PMS was also a factor in my weekend depression.

Overall - definitely improving again.

Tonight I'm re-introducing fish into my diet. Adam's looking forward to that! Will be making with lemon-caper sauce. Thursday will probably make the shrimp tandoori dish that he & I learned how to make in the Pakistani cooking class that we took together a while back. Am wishing that I could have wine with both of these meals...but oh well, I'll survive.

Oh, and current weight is 158lbs. (Starting weight was 162.5lbs.) Not seeing a difference in the mirror...but that's not surprising. 4lbs isn't the kind of thing you're gonna notice when you look at yourself every day.
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19 May 2008 @ 10:20 am
Still not doing very well.

Went to the gym this morning, but had to go very light on the workout. Glad that I made it in, though.

Feeling very
*physically achey

Mostly copied from my personal LJ, so feel free to skip this if you've already read my entry over there.Collapse )
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18 May 2008 @ 07:32 am
Left work a bit early on Friday. Felt a little better post-chiro. Went home and made dinner. Didn't do much else for the rest of the night.

Saturday - farmer's market, then TJ's. Felt good first thing when I got up, but not so much later. Pain worsened throughout the day.

Sunday - woke up feeling okay, but am now very run down and the legs HURT again. Whenever I stand up from a sitting position (not even lying, just sitting), I get super dizy. Almost blacked out in the kitchen the first time.

Overall...just not feeling good. Legs ache, back aches, arms ache, head aches, and sinuses are back to being bothersome. It's possible that I just overdid it at the gym on Friday and triggered a flare. Plans for today include a bit of rearranging and cleaning, but not much. The place looks pretty good, overall. We got a LOT done last weekend. I should clean my bathroom and the kitchen floor...but we'll see how I'm feeling. Will do it if I think I can handle it, will save it for next weekend if not.

Still sticking to the diet and taking my pills and everything every day. Am back on the CoQ10 and B-complex because I think that I need them for muscle aches and brain fog. It's possible that I may always need my truckload of supplements on a daily basis. But that's okay. I still believe that this cleanse is helping, and that I will feel better overall once it is complete.
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