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18 May 2008 @ 07:32 am
Not so good...  
Left work a bit early on Friday. Felt a little better post-chiro. Went home and made dinner. Didn't do much else for the rest of the night.

Saturday - farmer's market, then TJ's. Felt good first thing when I got up, but not so much later. Pain worsened throughout the day.

Sunday - woke up feeling okay, but am now very run down and the legs HURT again. Whenever I stand up from a sitting position (not even lying, just sitting), I get super dizy. Almost blacked out in the kitchen the first time.

Overall...just not feeling good. Legs ache, back aches, arms ache, head aches, and sinuses are back to being bothersome. It's possible that I just overdid it at the gym on Friday and triggered a flare. Plans for today include a bit of rearranging and cleaning, but not much. The place looks pretty good, overall. We got a LOT done last weekend. I should clean my bathroom and the kitchen floor...but we'll see how I'm feeling. Will do it if I think I can handle it, will save it for next weekend if not.

Still sticking to the diet and taking my pills and everything every day. Am back on the CoQ10 and B-complex because I think that I need them for muscle aches and brain fog. It's possible that I may always need my truckload of supplements on a daily basis. But that's okay. I still believe that this cleanse is helping, and that I will feel better overall once it is complete.
Current Mood: soresore