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23 May 2008 @ 03:06 pm
Day 19  
Feeling somewhat better today.

Yesterday was pure misery. Day 3 had become the new day 2. I was exhausted, in pain, crabby, and overall miserable pretty much all day long.

By comparison, today is fantastic.

Standing alone, it's okay.

Attempted to work out this morning - failed. Woke up feeling pretty good, mild cramps & a little dizziness, but nothing too terrible. Figured that I had no excuse to skip, so I went. Pushed myself too hard, apparently. Aerobic exercise after losing blood is not a good idea for me. Almost blacked out on the elliptical. Took what seemed like forever to get my heart rate to slow.

A nice hot shower perked me back up, though. Neck, shoulders, and back are sore from the mishap this morning, and I still have minor cramps, but the fatigue has backed off considerably.

Dinner tonight is tandoori shrimp.

Plans for tomorrow include an early morning trip to the farmer's market. I want to pick up a few plants, and don't want to be fighting through the crowds to see what my options are. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, so I'm hoping that we'll choose something to do outside - zoo, park, arboretum walk, wandering state st, etc. Plenty of choices.
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