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10 June 2008 @ 04:20 pm
Post-Cleanse Wrap-up  
Since completing the cleanse, I've been somewhat lax in following dietary restrictions. I kinda needed the break, partially because I was burnt out from constantly searching for and trying new recipes, and partially because I missed red meat and cheese and all sorts of other tasty treats. AND it was my birthday week.

But it's time to get back on the bandwagon, which means time to start tracking my daily food intake and making sure that I'm eating lots of good stuff and avoiding the bad stuff.

The biggest changes to my diet:

*Avoid processed wheat and sugars.
-Natural sugars from fruits and juices are okay in moderation, but no more "treats."
-Start making my own bread products (including pie crusts, pizza dough, tortillas, buns, etc) so that I know exactly what goes in them.

*Avoid soy
-This is a definite tummy upsetter. The occasional bit of soy sauce doesn't seem to bother me (I felt just fine after Sushi on Wednesday night), but soy milk and such definitely do.
-Learn how to make my own veggie burgers. I LOVE all sorts of different veggie burgers, and I really should keep up with the whole eat-lots-of-lentils habit that I developed while on the cleanse, but pretty much everything you get in the store has soy.

*Organic dairy subs in as much as possible
-Which means eating only farmer's market cheeses (and less cheese in general, much to my dismay), and likely giving up yogurt. I just don't much care for the organic yogurts that I've tried... The only exception will be the occasional scoop of custard.

*Watch the booze intake!
-I drank way too much last week. Beer on Tuesday, wine and saki on Wednesday, beer on Friday, and more beer & other malt beverages & hard booze on Saturday. Sunday...I felt kinda crummy. Again - it was my birthday week. So yeah... But I only get that excuse once/year. Which means that weeknight drinking is only okay as wine-with-dinner once/week, and only drink on weekends when I have a reason to. Having 3 drinks on a Friday night while sitting at home just for the hell of it is silly. I don't need to put those toxins in to my body, and I definitely don't need the empty calories.

Our CSA share starts this week. I'm excited about seeing what's in the first box! The rain last week may have messed things up a bit...but I'm not too worried. It'll be fun to see what we get, and plan dinners accordingly. I have a few websites that I've bookmarked that are designed to help seasonal cooks discover different ways to cook the veggies that they get from their local farms. ^_^

Overall, I'm definitely feeling better post-cleanse. Adam and I are still hitting the gym 3x/week, and although I'm losing weight at a very slow rate (metabolism is still complete sh*t, apparently), it's happening. My BPM while working out is down from a high of 182 while pushing myself to 160 while engaging in strenuous activity, so yay!

Oh, and I'll be making an effort to post daily food stuff here again to keep track of what recipes I use and whether or not we liked them. I need to find some healthy easy staples so that we don't keep getting pizza or running to Cousin's whenever I don't feel like cooking whatever complex dish I had planned out. I'll use tags to keep thse sorted.

Side note: sf=soy free, df=dairy free, gf=gluten free
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