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30 June 2008 @ 09:07 am
What flare?  
This weekend Adam and I went down to ComicCon in Chicago with Jeff & Suzie. I'll write more about the awesomeness of the weekend in my other blog later today; I just wanted to take a moment to post about a different sort of awesomeness that I've got going on right now.

I'm not flaring!

Yes, I'm surprised by this. It was a very busy and physically stressful weekend.

Friday night - rode 1.5 hours to Jeff & Suzie's. Slept on an air mattress. Woke up a bit stiff, but overall okay.

Saturday morning - rode 1.5 hours to Chicago.
Saturday - spent 9 hours walking around the convention floor; on my feet pretty much the whole time, carrying a bag over my shoulders. I was sore by that night, but okay. Wine with dinner that night.
Saturday night - slept in a hotel bed.

Sunday morning - back to the con for another 4 hours.
Sunday afternoon - rode 1.5 hours to Milwaukee; stopped on the way for fast food (something that would normally upset my stomach).
Sunday early evening - rode 1.5 hours to Madison.
Sunday evening - relaxed at home and watched TV with Adam, drank more wine, and probably not nearly enough water

Monday morning - after 8 hours of sleep, I'm feeling good. Neck and shoulders are sore, left knee aches a little bit...but NO FLARE. There's a HUGE difference between being sore and flaring, and I'm just sore. Sore can be stretched out and/or massaged, it can be rehydrated, and it can be reduced with ibuprofen. Sore can be managed. Very little helps a flare.

I don't mind sore.

I'll be drinking lots and lots of water today to get rehydrated (didn't drink nearly enough over the weekend), and stretching as often as possible to work out the kinks. I anticipate feeling better tomorrow already.

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