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20 May 2008 @ 12:39 pm
Day 16  
Not much to say that I didn't already post in my other LJ, but I'll repeat the most important stuff.

*Cycle's out of wack. Ring is scheduled to come out on Saturday (24th) and period should start on Sunday or Monday, but I started spotting already this Sunday and it got worse on Monday...so the ring came out early. Cost went WAY up on the new insurance, so I'll be trying oral b/c again starting on Sunday (new prescription from the new doctor).

*Feeling MUCH better today than yesterday. Woke up tired & sore, but improved as I moved around. Still tired, missing caffeine, but not nearly so achey as yesterday or over the weekend. Feeling very upbeat and positive, as well. Doctor's appointment helped with that, but I'm guessing that the toxins being cleared out was also a bit help.

*Doctor's appointment was AWESOME. Loving the new doc. He knows a ton about everything that I need my PCP to know about. Took blood to do a hormone count to check thyroid - agreed that even though the TSH is normal, thyroid could still be having issues. Also running tests to make sure that I'm not deficient in the main vitamins.

*Doc suggested SAM-e for moodiness and joint pain. Bought 6 months worth online today, for $17/pack (retails for between $30 & $50, for that brand). Comes with free b-complex, since apparently you need to bulk up on B's if you take SAM-e. So that means that I should be set for 6+ months for B's as well (have at least 2 months worth at home already).

*Resubmitting my cleansing supplements claim to the flex with additional info. Would be nice to get that back. Dad gave me $200 for the first bottle of UltraClear, Advaclear, and the Metagreens; however I just spent another $80 (that I didn't really have available to spend) on an additional bottle of UltraClear. The reimbursement of $232 would cover the SAM-e, recent UltraClear, and last supplements order that I put in. And I'll be set for all of my supplements at least through August. (Healthy living is worth every penny, but I wish it didn't require so many pennies!)

*Mentally I'm pretty with it today. No major brain farts as of yet. Making fewer typing errors than I was last week. Able to handle phone coversations and quick responses better as well. Still having issues with focusing - feeling sleepy when doing repetitive work. But is that the fibro, or just the repetiveness of my job some days?

*Emotionally, as mentioned above, I am much more stable. The SAM-e should help with future mood swings. Am wondering if PMS was also a factor in my weekend depression.

Overall - definitely improving again.

Tonight I'm re-introducing fish into my diet. Adam's looking forward to that! Will be making with lemon-caper sauce. Thursday will probably make the shrimp tandoori dish that he & I learned how to make in the Pakistani cooking class that we took together a while back. Am wishing that I could have wine with both of these meals...but oh well, I'll survive.

Oh, and current weight is 158lbs. (Starting weight was 162.5lbs.) Not seeing a difference in the mirror...but that's not surprising. 4lbs isn't the kind of thing you're gonna notice when you look at yourself every day.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Heatherbrown__eyes on May 20th, 2008 06:16 pm (UTC)
It might not be something you notice on a daily basis, but it's till something good :) Glad to hear the new doctor is working out great!
Don't forget, only half the amount of chili powder this time ;)
Angela Marie: Pixie Stick Crackangels_ember on May 20th, 2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy that I found the new doctor. He's just plain awesome, in every possible way.

LoL - yeah, I was waiting for that comment... ;-)

Are you going to Jeff's on Memorial Day? You should, since it's not that bad of a drive for you!
Heatherbrown__eyes on May 20th, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC)
I wish I could. I'm going to be in Baltimore doing the beginning of groundwork in finding jobs and things like that