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Change can be a Good Thing

One woman's journey into Health.

This is the "health maintenence" journal of angels_ember. I started this journal as a way to track my progress in managing a myriad of health issues. I have been battling with fibromyalgia for many years, and lately the mental problems and fatigue seem to be worsening, so I have started working on different ways of treating these problems. My goal is to use this journal as a way to keep track of the progress I have made, as well as to remind myself of what helped me to feel better and what mistakes made my symptoms worse.

I am begining a full system cleanse on 05/05/2008. For this I will be taking Metagenics products, specifically AdvaClear and UltraClear Plus, as well as following a strict diet program set by Metagenics to go along with the supplements. I am hoping that by ridding my body of the toxins and chemicals that have no doubt invaded my system over the years, I will be able to rid myself of some of the worst symptoms of fibromyalgia as well as set healthy eating habits that Adam and I will stick to in order to keep my body free of future toxins.

Future steps include:
*eating all organic at home
*avoiding processed foods
*eating out less
*NO more fast food
*no alcohol on weeknights, wine or organic beer okay on weekends

This journal will likely be of interest only to friends of mine in the health care industry, or other fibromyalgiacs. I will post daily during the cleanse to share what I ate, what my activity leval was, and what my pain and fatigue levals were at. Likely, in order to include as much information as possible, I will post multiple times throughout the day.